Viviana Chest

Viviana Straps Chest Extreme is a strap that let you to carry the lavs around the chest of the talents. This will help you to avoid the noise of the hair chest or to stick the lav direct on the skin of the talent.

The Chest extreme is unique for three reasons:

  1. It features a unique hypoallergenic grip spread all over the fabric that leaves the straps comfortable and breathable
  2. The seems are indestructible
  3. It has got 3 differences sleeves that let you to carry: the naked lavs, dpa concealer or the small concealer (this last option is unique in the market)

The Viviana Straps Chest Extreme are available in three colours:


The Viviana Straps Chest Extreme are shipped in black, white and beige colour.

The sizes available are:

Model Size Length Color
EXTREME C 106 cm